Certification Interview

I AM A CERTIFIED QUANTUM SOUL GUIDANCE PRACTICIONER NOW! On that occasion, my Galactic teacher Julia Balaz and I did an interview on the Galactic Ambassadors Podcast. We talked about my journey of being aware of the energetics around me from early childhood and the difficulties of navigating a conventional life and fitting in.  How I overcame depression… Certification Interview weiterlesen

I am a certified QSG practitioner now!

BEING PART OF A BEAUTIFUL GROUP OF HIGHLY SKILLED GALACTIC ASTROLOGERS AND QUANTUM SOUL GUIDANCE PRACTICIONERS MAKES ME SUPER PROUD AND VERY HAPPY. The support of human consciousness evolution is our common driving factor, and we are all here to support you finding out who you are on a soul level, clearly seeing what your… I am a certified QSG practitioner now! weiterlesen

The 12 Nights of Wonder

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH THE 🌟12 NIGHTS OF WONDER🌟 Are you tired of feeling like your dreams are just out of reach? Do you long to tap into the infinite power of the universe and finally manifest the life you’ve always desired? Prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other, as we unveil the… The 12 Nights of Wonder weiterlesen

The Erica Glessing Show

I was invited to „The Erica Glessing Show“ to talk about stars, star seeds and everything Galactic! This is what Erica says about the episode „Are you a Starseed & Other Galactic Questions“: What a lovely insight into the life of a galactic astrologer – Myriam Wiedemann joins me from Europe where she reads the… The Erica Glessing Show weiterlesen

Becoming the Channel Podcast

I was invited to the Becoming the Channel podcast to share my channeling journey and how it is connected to my Galactic Astrology. It is a deep dive into the mystical realms and we cover a lot of captivating topics – from Channeling to our soul journeys, Galactic Astrology and Akashic records, the cosmic shift… Becoming the Channel Podcast weiterlesen

Spiritual Catalyst podcast

I was invited to the Spiritual Catalyst podcast to talk about what’s in store for us next year from a Galactic perspective. Are you ready for spiritual acceleration and Intense change? Listen to my Galactic Astrology Preview for Pluto in 2024 and beyond: The Spiritual Catalyst Podcast https://anchor.fm/spiritualcatalyst/episodes/Galactic-Astrology-Preview-for-Pluto-in-2024-and-beyond-e2b7isp ✨Thank you beautiful podcast host Sarah Lines for… Spiritual Catalyst podcast weiterlesen

The Clear Channel Summit Roundtable

I had a truly wonderful summit hosted by Jennifer Longmore together with 20+ world-class experts at The Clear Channel Summit! Here is the roundtable I took part in, on October 27th. We talked about how to follow your calling, new light babies coming, walk-ins, and how to usher in New Earth, and much more: The Clear… The Clear Channel Summit Roundtable weiterlesen


I have had several horoscopes done over the years, mostly classical but also Vedic. These have all been valuable pieces of the puzzle for me to better understand myself and why I attract things and situations into my life, which have often been and still are very beautiful but also challenging. With Myriam’s Galactic Astrology… Silke weiterlesen


I received a galactic astrology reading with Myriam and to say that it blew me away, is an understatement. The way in which she channeled the stars and my galactic heritage, truly felt like the homecoming, I didn’t realise my heart and soul needed. The information shared was so profound and yet I felt such… Sinéad weiterlesen