Certification Interview

I AM A CERTIFIED QUANTUM SOUL GUIDANCE PRACTICIONER NOW! On that occasion, my Galactic teacher Julia Balaz and I did an interview on the Galactic Ambassadors Podcast. We talked about my journey of being aware of the energetics around me from early childhood and the difficulties of navigating a conventional life and fitting in.  How I overcame depression… Certification Interview weiterlesen

I am a certified QSG practitioner now!

BEING PART OF A BEAUTIFUL GROUP OF HIGHLY SKILLED GALACTIC ASTROLOGERS AND QUANTUM SOUL GUIDANCE PRACTICIONERS MAKES ME SUPER PROUD AND VERY HAPPY. The support of human consciousness evolution is our common driving factor, and we are all here to support you finding out who you are on a soul level, clearly seeing what your… I am a certified QSG practitioner now! weiterlesen