Galactic Family Constellations

What on Earth is Family Constellation?

Imagine your family as a mobile: every single part in this mobile is hanging by its own thread, but at the same time all the individual parts are connected to each other. If one of the individual parts moves, all the other parts of the mobile inevitably move with it.

And so, with the help of constellations, we look at the relationship conflicts and entanglements of the individual in relation to his or her family group and ancestral field, because we often unconsciously take on behaviours, belief systems and the fates of our ancestors.

This takes place in such a way that classically in a group with the help of representatives the hidden relationship dynamics, their backgrounds and possible solving changes become visible and understandable. Time and again, it can be observed that representatives can give quite precise information about the sensitivities of the persons they represent.

On a personal level, the results and the changes in life often border on miracles when the energy of the ancestors can flow freely again. A family constellation can touch a very deep level of the soul and release a lot of potential.

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