Galactic Astrology

What in Heaven’s name is Galactic Astrology?

Probably all of you know what a horoscope looks like. A wheel with several circles, many symbols and lines in it.

You probably also all know your star sign – Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio, and so on.

Then there are in addition the planets of our solar system, which are distributed in the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Reading and interpreting this requires an astrologer. A birth chart reveals a lot about our character, our conditions, how we approach life, look at it and go through life, how we form our relationships – be it family, relationships or work.

An extension of this system is to look at the fixed stars outside our solar system – and their connection with the planets of our solar system in our birth chart. Here quite amazing and wondrous stories about our very ancient ancestors unfold. Age old memories of the soul rise up again in our consciousness. The fixed stars in our Galactic Horoscope show the path of our soul journey on which we set out eons ago to be present today, here and now, on our good Mother Earth, Terra!

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My beautiful client’s sessions and galactic stories:

My Galactic Astrology session with Myriam was beyond this Universe! 
Myriam was so caring and made sure to explain everything so well.
I have been in the psychic world for a long time, but she told me things I did not know, like the origination of my soul. How the alignments of my current astrology chart aligned with stars I had never heard of and how if I did not actualize these traits, I would have to review them later.
The session was very profound, and I highly recommend a session with her.

Read more about my client’s story here.

Angela Blaha | USA

I received a galactic astrology reading with Myriam and to say that it blew me away, is an understatement.
The way in which she channeled the stars and my galactic heritage, truly felt like the homecoming, I didn’t realise my heart and soul needed. The information shared was so profound and yet I felt such a soul resonance with everything I learned. Myriam’s presence allowed for me to express the emotions I felt as I felt fully seen in ways I had never done so before.
I know that there is so much more that I can learn from Myriam, through her incredible gift and I will definitely be booking in with her again ✨

Read more about my client’s story here.

Sinéad Cracknell | Ireland

Myriam is lovely, empowering, beautiful, mesmerizing and a TRUE BEACON OF LIGHT FROM THE GALACTIC REALM.
I love knowing what she shared with me.
I feel closer to home, more grounded in my personal direction in life.
MORE TRUE TO SELF. What a gift!

Aimee Hanson | San Francisco | USA

Until recently, I had never heard of galactic astrology.
I am grateful and happy to have Myriam calculate and ‚translate for me‘, my galactic horoscope! It is a great, fantastic extension and addition to my ‚regular birth chart‘.
It puts myself and my current incarnation in a different, wider perspective so that I now have more insight into both my shadow sides, pitfalls and my talents. Now I have the tools in my toolbox to work with.
I understand myself better and (finally! :)) also have understanding and compassion for myself. 
In short, enriching for your heart, your whole being!
It has touched me deeply. I feel more in unity and that makes me very joyful…
So thank you Myriam for our beautiful session!


This was my first galactic astrology reading.
The information spoke to my heart and soul’s journey through time and space.
Myriam gave me a sense of peace and greater understanding of my path forward.
It’s a 🌟💫✨💫🌟 galactic star rating.


Myriam Wiedemann is a beautiful being who brings Galactic and Astrological information forth in a gentle and insightful manner.
My 2 sessions with her have been more than amazing, they have been profound.
It is as if she could see right into my Soul and define pieces I always knew were there but did not know how to identify much less understand. 
Myriam was able to show me a hidden piece that I was completely unaware of. 
Her authentic divine self radiates from her core. I appreciate the wisdom, grace and beauty that are Myriam. 

Renee Keene | USA

I have immense gratitude for Myriam’s gifts as a Galactic Astrologer.
While I have experienced Galactic Astrology in the past, no one has been able to track my Soul’s Origin as she has.
I have experienced so many confirmations and several wonderful surprises through our work together!
As a Starseed I am in service to others in our Galaxy and Universe.

M.B. | Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. | USA

Myriam’s reading was so accurate and enlightening in ways.
I received not only confirmation of my own knowing and experience but also an understanding of some of my patterns.
The wealth of information she shared helped me gain perspective.
I got to know different star families that I share traits with and are here to assist me in my mission.
It’s a feeling of coming back to home❣️

P.P. | Canada

Dear Myriam
Thank you from the deepest places of my soul! 
To say it was a life-altering event would be an understatement.
It has been almost a month since my reading with you and I am amazed every day at the „Next Level Occurrences“ – Miracles in our midst, connections in business over the top, and new relationships with key people have been astounding!
Your reading gave me such confidence to forge ahead with so many of my dreams…and literally has ignited so many visions from the past into today’s reality. In other words, bring the unseen into the seen!  
I am living deeper, fuller with such an intimate connection with Source and the angelic beings.   
Amazingly you were able to confirm my specific connection with my Galactic soulmate.  
As I have been directed by Source/Creator I am busy releasing code into the New Earth and my new confidence has allowed the connections to flow with such ease.
I am ever grateful for your gift and your friendship, I will continue to check in with you for Next Level assignments.

B.J. | USA

So far, I have had two individual sessions with Myriam – a Pluto Return session and a Galactic Astrology session – and I have participated in several group sessions. All sessions have been fruitful, informative and magical, and I have received a lot of answers to my questions. During my first session with Myriam I had the feeling I was reunited with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in ages. Myriam is warm, supportive, open, knowledgeable and has a big heart. I really appreciate her support and guidance, and I always enjoy the sessions with her. I highly recommend Myriam as a Galactic astrologer! So, if you want answers to your questions, guidance and support, and a magical experience, it is high time you met with Myriam!

Mugur Badarau | Romania

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