I received a galactic astrology reading with Myriam and to say that it blew me away, is an understatement. The way in which she channeled the stars and my galactic heritage, truly felt like the homecoming, I didn’t realise my heart and soul needed. The information shared was so profound and yet I felt such a soul resonance with everything I learned. Myriam’s presence allowed for me to express the emotions I felt as I felt fully seen in ways I had never done so before.
I know that there is so much more that I can learn from Myriam, through her incredible gift and I will definitely be booking in with her again ✨

Sinéad Cracknell

This testimonial is from a wonderful client who is a spiritual mentor and healer: heal with sinead

Her soul origin is from the Angelic realm. My client’s soul was brave enough to come here to heal most dense generational trauma by anchoring angelic light and grace. Her spiritual frequency is the clarion call, a frequency of transformation that is very powerful, letting all those who hear it know that immense change is imminent.
My client is using some exceptional techniques that create transformational experience for her clients too, as she is able to hold a safe space for them. 

It was most beautiful to hear her confirm that during our session, and witnessing her embracing this powerful talent with her heart and her soul was very touching.

Thank you, Sinéad!