I have had several horoscopes done over the years, mostly classical but also Vedic. These have all been valuable pieces of the puzzle for me to better understand myself and why I attract things and situations into my life, which have often been and still are very beautiful but also challenging.

With Myriam’s Galactic Astrology I have gained much deeper insight as she has connected with my soul and asked questions that I have asked myself so many times. Where do I come from; which stations of my many incarnations have I passed through and what experiences have I had there?

What is my purpose here on earth? Who supports me and why do I attract certain challenging situations into my life.

Through her wonderful and very professional work the puzzle is now complete and with the insights I can now understand myself much better and continue my soul path in this incarnation much more clearly.

Thank you dear Myriam❤️

Silke Grieger

I received this testimonial from an extraordinary client who is a life coach and Universal White Time healer: Silke Grieger

Her soul origin is a majestic Ancient Dragon being, and her soul mission is to bring universal balance to the male and female archetypes. She is a starseed from Tau Ceti, in constellation Cetus, and she is an ambassador for the Intergalactic Superfederation here on Earth. 

During our beautifully heart warming session, she experienced many a-ha moments and confirmations through her Galactic birth chart. Our next session will be a relocation chart session to find out where she will live on the sea side in order to fully embody her aquatic starseed being.

Thank you, Silke!