My Galactic Astrology session with Myriam was beyond this Universe!  Myriam was so caring and made sure to explain everything so well. I have been in the psychic world for a long time, but she told me things I did not know, like the origination of my soul. How the alignments of my current astrology chart aligned with stars I had never heard of and how if I did not actualize these traits, I would have to review them later. The session was very profound, and I highly recommend a session with her.

Angela Blaha

I received this testimonial from a beautiful client who is a healer, channeler and soul mentor: Angela Blaha

Her soul origin is from beyond this Universe. She is a very rare Blue Printer soul who came here to reinstall the Cosmic Codes on Earth, and for humanity. She has been traveling back and forth from Vega, her home base in our galaxy, during many, many incarnations. 

During our stunning session, she received very clear and precise downloads for her next steps ahead, which will make a huge impact on her clients. This session was most extraordinary, and working with a Blue Printer Soul is a true blessing.

Thank you, Angela!