Becoming the Channel Podcast

I was invited to the Becoming the Channel podcast to share my channeling journey and how it is connected to my Galactic Astrology.

It is a deep dive into the mystical realms and we cover a lot of captivating topics – from Channeling to our soul journeys, Galactic Astrology and Akashic records, the cosmic shift that is happening and how it’s connected to Water, the divine consciousness!
Prepare for a mind-bending conversation!

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Becoming the Channel Podcast

Is Channeling Real? A Deep Dive into Myriam’s Journey

Ever feel like you belong to the stars more than the streets?
Are you longing to unlock your intuition and embrace your galactic kin?

Then blast off with us in Episode 30, „Is Channeling Real? A Deep Dive into Myriam’s Journey,“ where we delve into the mesmerizing realms of channeling and galactic astrology with our cosmic guide, Myriam Wiedermann!

Myriam’s not your average astrologer. Forget mere sun signs; she ventures beyond the zodiac, wielding galactic knowledge like a celestial compass.
Her expertise ignites a fresh perspective on these captivating topics, making her a familiar face for many who, like our host Robin, have witnessed her wisdom at the Clear Channel Summit.

Prepare for a mind-bending conversation and watch here!

✨Thank you gracious podcast host Robyn McKay for inviting me✨

Please subscribe to Robyn’s Becoming the Channel podcast, it is a real treasure trove for transformative wisdom and clarity!

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