Knowing Your Starseed Origins is Crucial for Success

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This is what Sinéad says about the episode:

„Today I am joined by my incredible friend and star sister, Myriam Wiedemann.

On this episode you will learn the importance of how


We explore the role of galactic astrology in soul-led businesses, emphasizing the importance of aligning with one’s galactic roots to create harmonious teams and attract ideal clients.

We discuss the energetic exchange in business, the shift towards community-focused wealth, and the potential for infusing businesses with galactic energy to enhance profitability and purpose-driven success.

I have known Myriam for well over a year now (in this lifetime) and her presence and support has been unparalleled.

I didn’t know how much I needed a galactic astrologer and Alpha Centauri star sister, until one landed in my lap 😉

💫 Thank you Sinéad for having me on your show, The Initiatrix!

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