12 Nights of Wonder

Embark on a transformative journey with 🌟12 NIGHTS of MAGIC & MIRACLES🌟and manifest abundance in 2024! Join a community of like-minded light leaders as we unlock the ancient wisdom of the 12 Nights between Christmas and Epiphany(December 25 – January 6, daily at 8 pm CET). Receive this opportunity to align with your Galactic astrology, affirm… 12 Nights of Wonder weiterlesen

Spiritual Catalyst podcast

I was invited to the Spiritual Catalyst podcast to talk about what’s in store for us next year from a Galactic perspective. Are you ready for spiritual acceleration and Intense change? Listen to my Galactic Astrology Preview for Pluto in 2024 and beyond: The Spiritual Catalyst Podcast https://anchor.fm/spiritualcatalyst/episodes/Galactic-Astrology-Preview-for-Pluto-in-2024-and-beyond-e2b7isp ✨Thank you beautiful podcast host Sarah Lines for… Spiritual Catalyst podcast weiterlesen

The Clear Channel Summit Roundtable

I had a truly wonderful summit hosted by Jennifer Longmore together with 20+ world-class experts at The Clear Channel Summit! Here is the roundtable I took part in, on October 27th. We talked about how to follow your calling, new light babies coming, walk-ins, and how to usher in New Earth, and much more: The Clear… The Clear Channel Summit Roundtable weiterlesen

Pluto direct!

Dear fellow galactic travellers! On October 11, 2023, Pluto goes direct after a period of 5 months. This is a harbinger moment for us to prepare for what is called „The Age of Aquarius“ in 2024. The sign change takes place in three steps.  Pluto’s gradual transition into Aquarius began in early spring of 2023,… Pluto direct! weiterlesen

Löwentor-Portal Aktivierung

🦁🪐✨Nutze die kosmische Kraft für Dich! ✨🪐🦁 🌟Möchtest Du Dich auf die kraftvollen Energien des Löwentor-Portals um den 8.8.2023 einlassen?  🌠 Ich biete die einmalige Gelegenheit, 8 kostenlose 1:1 Aktivierungen während dieser ganz besonderen Tage zu buchen! 🎉 Im Rahmen unserer Mini-Sessions erkunden wir die Galaktische Ausrichtung Deines Horoskops auf den Fixstern Sirius und das… Löwentor-Portal Aktivierung weiterlesen