The Erica Glessing Show

I was invited to „The Erica Glessing Show“ to talk about stars, star seeds and everything Galactic! This is what Erica says about the episode „Are you a Starseed & Other Galactic Questions“: What a lovely insight into the life of a galactic astrologer – Myriam Wiedemann joins me from Europe where she reads the… The Erica Glessing Show weiterlesen

Becoming the Channel Podcast

I was invited to the Becoming the Channel podcast to share my channeling journey and how it is connected to my Galactic Astrology. It is a deep dive into the mystical realms and we cover a lot of captivating topics – from Channeling to our soul journeys, Galactic Astrology and Akashic records, the cosmic shift… Becoming the Channel Podcast weiterlesen

Spiritual Catalyst podcast

I was invited to the Spiritual Catalyst podcast to talk about what’s in store for us next year from a Galactic perspective. Are you ready for spiritual acceleration and Intense change? Listen to my Galactic Astrology Preview for Pluto in 2024 and beyond: The Spiritual Catalyst Podcast ✨Thank you beautiful podcast host Sarah Lines for… Spiritual Catalyst podcast weiterlesen