My QHHT session with Allison Coe

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my website! I hope you have enjoyed my QHHT-session with the very amazing Allison Coe which was published on her YouTube channel recently.

After the session we were both quite blown away with what came through: A journey on my dragon to Inner Earth, plus the merging of Inner Earth and our World to create New Earth – announced through the Aurora Borealis we can see everywhere now.

 It is happening!

We thought the information could be of value and benefitting many, so I agreed to sharing it in all my vulnerability publicly.

Enjoy the ride 🌈🐉✨and let me know how you liked my journey with my beautiful dragon!

p.s. I highly recommend to subscribe to Allison’s channel as she is offering the most interesting information that comes through in her clients sessions!

Thank you for the interest in my work as a Galactic astrologer!

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Galactic greetings to you all! 

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