Solar Eclipse Celebration | April 6, 8 pm CET

Come and join a beautiful ceremony where I guide us into the eclipse portal of primordial light and do a Sun healing channeling for all of us attending. This is a powerful portal for you to: 🌻 Step into the powerful eclipse portal of creation and new beginnings 🌻 Release of karmic relationships that no longer… Solar Eclipse Celebration | April 6, 8 pm CET weiterlesen

Wisdom Becomes Her: live podcast interview!

Are you ready for spiritual acceleration and intense change? Listen to my latest interview on Spotify: Beautiful host, Lisa Petty has invited me on her WISDOM BECOMES HER podcast to chat about Galactic Astrology and how this helps you reconnect with your soul family, and how it empowers you for your unique mission here on Earth.… Wisdom Becomes Her: live podcast interview! weiterlesen

Spring Equinox Celebration | March 23, 8 pm CET

As we prepare for the most profound and transformative year ahead I share channeled galactic information from our star families for all of us attending! This is a sacred moment for you to receive ✨ ✨a light language infusion for the new astrological year ✨ support around the areas of change and transformation you look… Spring Equinox Celebration | March 23, 8 pm CET weiterlesen

The Erica Glessing Show

I was invited to „The Erica Glessing Show“ to talk about stars, star seeds and everything Galactic! This is what Erica says about the episode „Are you a Starseed & Other Galactic Questions“: What a lovely insight into the life of a galactic astrologer – Myriam Wiedemann joins me from Europe where she reads the… The Erica Glessing Show weiterlesen

Becoming the Channel Podcast

I was invited to the Becoming the Channel podcast to share my channeling journey and how it is connected to my Galactic Astrology. It is a deep dive into the mystical realms and we cover a lot of captivating topics – from Channeling to our soul journeys, Galactic Astrology and Akashic records, the cosmic shift… Becoming the Channel Podcast weiterlesen

12 Nights of Wonder

Embark on a transformative journey with 🌟12 NIGHTS of MAGIC & MIRACLES🌟and manifest abundance in 2024! Join a community of like-minded light leaders as we unlock the ancient wisdom of the 12 Nights between Christmas and Epiphany(December 25 – January 6, daily at 8 pm CET). Receive this opportunity to align with your Galactic astrology, affirm… 12 Nights of Wonder weiterlesen