Pluto direct!

Dear fellow galactic travellers!

On October 11, 2023, Pluto goes direct after a period of 5 months.

This is a harbinger moment for us to prepare for what is called „The Age of Aquarius“ in 2024.

The sign change takes place in three steps. 

Pluto’s gradual transition into Aquarius began in early spring of 2023, where he first changed to Aquarius for about three months, and then returned to Capricorn for a little more than seven months. 

In 2024, he will go back to to Aquarius on January 21 and will stay there for more than seven months before returning to Capricorn for a last and furious time in autumn, from where he will finally and permanently change to Aquarius on November 19, 2024.

With Pluto – the „game changer“ – we can often only assess in retrospect what really changed during its passage through the signs. 

You may take some time and go back in your memory to spring 2023: 
💫 What changed rapidly for you in that time? 
💫 What did not align any longer in your life?
💫 What gifts and talents did you uncover?
💫 Did you get a calling?

Pluto gave us a little idea what we are going to expect:
Nothing less than the powerful realignment of all humanity. This cycle lasts until 2044 and leads to a worldwide revolution in consciousness.

I have recorded a Pluto light language activation for you all:

Light Language Activation for Pluto in your Astro chart

Please celebrate Pluto and usher in the dawning of a new era, which will manifest fully in around one year’s time and will be completely different from everything we have known so far!