Galactic Astrology Synastry Session: Discover Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Connection

Book your transformative session now and uncover the cosmic connection with your Twin flame or Soulmate!

Let’s find out:
­čîč In which star system both of your souls connected in a deep, profound love and partnership
­čîč Why did you decide to come to Earth together?
­čîč What does your joint mission here entail?
­čîč Do you have a karma or dharma relationship?

What you receive:
­čĺŁ approx. 90 min.┬ásynastry session┬áonline via Zoom
­čĺŁ Twin flame or Soulmate┬áchannelling┬áfor both of you
­čĺŁ┬áRecording┬áof the session and Galactic astro Twin flame or Soulmate┬ábooklet