Galactic Astrology

What in Heaven’s name is Galactic Astrology?

Probably all of you know what a horoscope looks like. A wheel with several circles, many symbols and lines in it.

You probably also all know your star sign – Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio, and so on.

Then there are in addition the planets of our solar system, which are distributed in the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Reading and interpreting this requires an astrologer. A birth chart reveals a lot about our character, our conditions, how we approach life, look at it and go through life, how we form our relationships – be it family, relationships or work.

An extension of this system is to look at the fixed stars outside our solar system – and their connection with the planets of our solar system in our birth chart. Here quite amazing and wondrous stories about our very ancient ancestors unfold. Age old memories of the soul rise up again in our consciousness. The fixed stars in our Galactic Horoscope show the path of our soul journey on which we set out eons ago to be present today, here and now, on our good Mother Earth, Terra!

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This is what my beautiful clients say about my sessions:


My Galactic Astrology session with Myriam was beyond this Universe! 
Myriam was so caring and made sure to explain everything so well. I have been in the psychic world for a long time, but she told me things I did not know, like the origination of my soul. How the alignments of my current astrology chart aligned with stars I had never heard of and how if I did not actualize these traits, I would have to review them later. The session was very profound, and I highly recommend a session with her.


I received a galactic astrology reading with Myriam and to say that it blew me away, is an understatement.
The way in which she channeled the stars and my galactic heritage, truly felt like the homecoming, I didn’t realise my heart and soul needed. The information shared was so profound and yet I felt such a soul resonance with everything I learned. Myriam’s presence allowed for me to express the emotions I felt as I felt fully seen in ways I had never done so before.
I know that there is so much more that I can learn from Myriam, through her incredible gift and I will definitely be booking in with her again ✨


I have had several horoscopes done over the years, mostly classical but also Vedic. These have all been valuable pieces of the puzzle for me to better understand myself and why I attract things and situations into my life, which have often been and still are very beautiful but also challenging.
With Myriam’s Galactic Astrology I have gained much deeper insight as she has connected with my soul and asked questions that I have asked myself so many times. Where do I come from; which stations of my many incarnations have I passed through and what experiences have I had there?
What is my purpose here on earth? Who supports me and why do I attract certain challenging situations into my life.
Through her wonderful and very professional work the puzzle is now complete and with the insights I can now understand myself much better and continue my soul path in this incarnation much more clearly.
Thank you dear Myriam❤️


Thank you very much again for the time you took for me, the great processing of the information and how lovingly and mindfully you brought it across!
It was really great (…) and very special and powerful. (…)
I will now take my documents and start working with the hints and suggestions and look forward to the constellation!


Myriam is lovely, empowering, beautiful, mesmerizing and a TRUE BEACON OF LIGHT FROM THE GALACTIC REALM. I love knowing what she shared with me.
I feel closer to home, more grounded in my personal direction in life.
MORE TRUE TO SELF. What a gift!

Bringing Heaven and Earth together in my Lebenskunst!

For me, astrology and constellation work have increasingly moved from clarifying personal issues in the context of family, relationships and work to a co-creative process. 

I make it quite clear: in this work we place ourselves with all our inner greatness and our full personal responsibility in a creation service that goes far beyond our everyday perception. It is ultimately about the joint creation of a new world in which we participate and co-create.

No one heals for themselves alone. We heal together, and that brings healing into the world. In this respect, any topic is welcome with open arms, because it is not only personal, it is universal.

By linking Galactic Astrology with all the dimensions of our soul history and our ancient soul memories with Family Constellation, a space is created that reaches far beyond what our minds can grasp. Universe and earth connect, bringing the focus on healing one aspect of our lives into a much, much larger context of our existence. The cosmic web that we all weave along with is raised to a higher vibration and our stars begin to dance! 

This is the art of living. This is Lebenskunst.

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